Kelly Slater doet niet mee met de Billabong Rio Pro vanwege een blessure in zijn hiel die hij in Java opliep.

“I injured the inside of my left heel in Java and then re-opened it again the following week at Cloudbreak,” Aldus Kelly Slater. “It became infected and I flew to Australia to get it treated and stitched in hopes of making it to Rio, if not for Round 1, at least for Round 2. I’ve been in the water since getting it stitched and while I can go straight, I can’t do turns at all right now so I’ll have to pull out of Rio. It’s unfortunate, but I’m just going to focus on healing up as soon as possible right now. Good luck to all the competitors in Brazil and I’ll be watching online.”

KellySlater wordt vervangen door Willian Cardoso.

De Billabong Rio Pro zal worden gehouden van 9 t/m 20 mei en zal via de webcast te zien zijn via: